Selected Legislation Changes November 2019

Change Detail Effective from
Student visas - Financial capacity increase

LIN 19/198: Evidence of financial capacity—Subclass 500 Visa and Subclass 590 Visa

This instrument specifies the requirements an applicant for a Subclass 500 (Student) visa or a Subclass 590 (Student Guardian) visa must meet to provide evidence of their financial capacity.

23 October 2019
Skilled Occupation Lists

All occupation lists in one place:

189/190/491/485 visas: LIN 19/051 as amended by LIN 19/243

482 visa: LIN 19/048 and LIN 19/048 Amendment and LIN20/274 Amendment

186 visa: LIN 19/049 and LIN 20/273 Amendment 
LIN 21/009 Amendment

494 visa: LIN 19/219 (Skills assessing authorities: LIN 19/260 ) and LIN20/274 Amendment

407 visa: LIN 19/050 

187 visa: LIN 19/047 and LIN 20/273 Amendment 

16 November 2019
Pass Marks for GSM visas

LIN 19/210: Pool and Pass Marks for General Skilled Migration Visas

16 November 2019
LMT update to include 494

LIN 19/268: Period, Manner and Evidence of Labour Market Testing (amending LIN 18/036)

16 November 2019
AMSR update to include 494

LIN 19/213: Specification of Income Threshold and Annual Earnings and Methodology of Annual Market Salary Rate (amending IMMI 18/033)

16 November 2019
Regional Australia definition

LIN 19/217: Regional Areas

16 November 2019
RCB for 494 visa

LIN 19/214: Regional Certifying Bodies

16 November 2019
RCB for 187 visa and removing definition of regional Australia from IMMI 18/037

LIN 19/267: Regional Certifying Bodies and Regional Postcodes (amending IMMI 18/037)

IMMI 18/037 will continue to apply to 5.19(12)(g)(i) and specify the regional certifying bodies for the purposes of subclass 187 in the Direct Entry stream. However, it will no longer define the meaning and specify the postcodes for regional Australia for Reg 5.19(16) as this is in LIN 19/217.

16 November 2019
Skills, age, English exemptions for 186, 187, 494

LIN 19/216: Exemptions from Skill, Age and English Language Requirements for Subclass 186, 187 and 494 Visas

16 November 2019
Occupations exempt from direct employer sponsorship for 482, 186, 187, 494

LIN 19/212: Specification of Exempt Occupations

16 November 2019
494 form and manner of a visa application

LIN 19/211: Arrangements for Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa Applications

amended by:

LIN 20/101: Arrangements for certain visa applications

16 November 2019
Medicare eligibility for 491/494 holders

Health Insurance (Eligible persons and Holders of Skilled Work Visa (subclass 491 and 494)) Order 2019

This instrument extends Medicare Eligibility to holders of two provisional Skilled Work Visas (Subclasses 491 and 494).

16 November 2019
Arrangements for 887, 189, 190, 476, 485, 489, 491 visa applications

LIN 19/209: Arrangements for Certain Skilled and Temporary Graduate Visa Applications

amended by:

LIN 20/101: Arrangements for certain visa applications

16 November 2019
Arrangements for sponsorship and nominations for 407, 457, 482, 494

LIN 19/215: Sponsorship Applications and Nominations for Subclass 407, 457, 482 and 494 Visas

16 November 2019
Bridging visa arrangements to include 494/491 visas

LIN 19/296: Arrangements for Applications for Bridging Visas (amending LIN 19/186)

16 November 2019
SAF legislation update to include 494

Migration (Skilling Australians Fund) Charges Regulations 2018

16 November 2019
Various changes

Home Affairs Legislation Amendment (2019 Measures No. 1) Regulations 2019

Schedule 1 - Citizenship currency and payment update instruments

Schedule 2 - Visa application charges - Temporary Protection and Safe Haven Enterprise Visa fee increase.

Schedule 3
- Change to definition of transitional 457 worker and
- change to the minimum length of de facto relationships for skilled employer sponsored regional visa
- 191 appliants may be added to a pending 191 application

Schedule 4
- change to a definition - the Minister responsible for employment policy including employment services
-  “registered relationship within the meaning of section 2E of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901”

AMEP eligibility for 491/494

LIN 19/218: Temporary visa classes for eligibility for English Courses

16 November 2019
Regional incentives - government announcement

Joint media release with the Hon Scott Morrison MP, Prime Minister, the Hon Alan Tudge MP and the Hon Dan Tehan MP - Morrison Government increases regional migration target:

Income threshold and exemptions 189NZ stream

LIN 19/191: Specification of Income Threshold and Exemptions—Subclass 189 Visa (New Zealand Stream)

This instrument specifies the minimum amount of taxable income for the corresponding income years for an applicant in order to meet the primary criteria for a Subclass 189 (Skilled – Independent) visa in the New Zealand stream.

30 October 2019
Parent and other family visas - maximum number in FY2019-20

LIN 19/131: Granting of Contributory Parent Visas, Parent Visas and Other Family Visas in the 2019/2020 Financial Year

25 November 2019

Review rights subclass 870, condition 8609 for 870 and 600 visas

Migration Amendment (Subclass 600 and 870 Visas) Regulations 2019

Review rights for offshore 870 visa applications (Schedule 1)

New visa condition 8609 for 600FTS and 870 visas (Schedule 2)

Schedule 1: 19 December 2019

Schedule 2: 29 February 2020

Currencies and exchange rates

LIN 20/001: Payment of Visa Application Charges and Fees in Foreign Currencies and amended by LIN 20/007: Payment of Visa Application Charges and Fees in Foreign Currencies

LIN 20/002: Places and Currencies for Paying of Fees

1 January 2020

Refugee Protection Bill

 Refugee Protection Bill 2019

To provide a legislative response to all people seeking asylum in Australia, and for related purposes

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Recent News



    Amending Regulations have been published to introduce the previously announced third WHV 417 and 462 visa.

    A person is required to complete 6 months specified work in order to be eligible for a third 417/462 visa.

    The specified work must be undertaken:
    - after 1 July 2019 AND
    - while holding a second 417/462 or while the applicant held a bridging visa that was in effect and was granted on the basis of the application for the second 417/462 visa.



    Canadian and Irish applicants for the Subclass 417 (Working Holiday) visa have an upper age limit increased from 30 to 35. More info here



    From 17 November 2018, holders or former holders of 405 and 410 temporary retirement visas (retirees) are able to obtain permanent residence by meeting criteria in specified permanent visas.

    More info and further changes here

  • 18 March 2018 TSS is here


    A new TSS visa replacing 457 visa came in effect on 18 March 2018. More information here.

  • 17 January 2018 Occupation Lists


    17 January 2018 - New occupation lists for Australian skilled visa were published. For complete lists click here

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